Drum coolers

We carry out the manufacture of supply of all equipment and spare parts for coolers designed for dry bulk raw materials such as gypsum, granular slag, pigment titanium dioxide, fertilizers, ash, zeolite, etc.

Drum coolers consist of a rotating drum with a drive, support and thrust station and inside the outer drum an internal heat exchange drum is fixed. Between these two drums there is a space into which air is supplied. Hot raw material is fed into the inner drum. Heat dissipation (cooling) takes place through the walls of the pipes, the air is not clogged and thus the unit is a heat recuperator. Clean, warm exhaust air can be directed to feeding the drying equipment to the burner.

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The chamber is provided with a reduced pressure to avoid the release of dust into the room. The dedusting air of the working chamber is directed for filtration, but its amount - insignificant and the filter system is very small in size. Excluded and air infiltration from the room into the chamber. There are certain drum cooler modifications that can work with high initial temperatures, e.g. 1200 ° C.

In this case, the material passes through pipes that are larger in diameter, and the cooling air is sucked in between the pipes.

Advantages of Chaoyang Hongrun Industrial Co., ltd as a Drum Cooler Manufacturer:

  • Rational value for money
  • Short production time
  • Warranty 1 year or more


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