Jaw crusher SMD-111

Jaw crusher SMD-111 is focused on the processing of granite, marble, basalt, diabase, gabbro and other hard parod with a high abrasive index. Destroys rocks with ultimate compressive strength up to 300MPa.

This crusher is distinguished by the fact that it is sufficient simple design and ease of use, and also has a small number of parts with wearing parts. Cannot be used for viscoelastic materials: wood, polymers, some metal alloys since it is ineffective.

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Standard size SchDS-6x9
The size of a piece of starting material, the largest, mm 500
Discharge slot width, mm 130+35
Productivity, m3 / h 180
Main drive motor power, kW 90
Weight, t 70
Overall dimensions without drive L x b x h, no more, mm 4890х3150х3300