Firing equipment

We also provide services for the manufacture of equipment and spare parts for rotating furnaces that are designed for burning lime, sand, expanded clay and other bulk materials. Rotary kilns are cylindrical industrial kilns with rotary motion around longitudinal axis, designed for heating bulk materials for the purpose of their physicochemical processing.

Rotary kilns are distinguished: according to the principle of heat exchange - with a counterflow and with a parallel flow of gases and material; by the method of energy transmission - with direct, indirect (through the wall of the muffle) and combined heating of the processed material.

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Sintering furnaces are distinguished by purpose charge in the production of alumina, production of cement clinker, oxidizing, reducing, chlorinating roasting, calcining of aluminum hydroxide, coke, carbonates, sulfates, etc., dehydration materials, extraction of zinc and lead (Waelz furnaces), production of iron or non-ferrous metal alloys direct reduction from ores in the solid phase (blast furnaces), roasting of refractory raw materials, etc. Rotary kilns are designed for thermochemical processes of drying, roasting, calcining and sintering bulk materials due to fuel combustion.

Our company Chaoyang Hongrun Industrial Co., ltd Compared to Others companies on the sales market offers you a number of advantages when purchasing firing equipment:

  • Rational value for money
  • Short production time
  • Warranty 1 year or more


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