Ball mills

Ball mills include a very large number of mills with different designs and principle of operation, in them the process of grinding and mixing takes place using balls of different diameters and materials used. Balls can be steel, cast iron, ceramic, plastic and others.

Ball mills are:

  • Ball mills with grate discharge (MSHR)
  • Ball mills with central discharge (MSHTs)
  • Grid Discharge Ball Mills (MSC)

The most commonly used in industry is a drum-ball mill. It is meant for crushing of solid materials and is used very extensively in the mining industry. WITH this mill can be used to make powder for use in paints, pyrotechnic means in the production of cement, lime, gypsum, ceramic products, etc.

The main part of the mill is a rotating drum in which a certain amount is placed with balls of a certain diameter. Pebbles and flint in the form of a grinding body can also be used. The grinding bodies, rolling while the mill is running, convert the raw material into powder. Small ball mills are equipped with a drum with a rotating handle and pulleys and belts for transmitting rotational motion. High quality ball mills grind the raw material to granules with a size of 0.0001 mm, significantly increasing the surface area of the substance.