About company


The main production is located in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, China. The specialists of Chaoyang Hongrun Industrial Co., ltd are engaged in the development and manufacture of any non-standard products according to the customer's drawings, as well as crushing and grinding, cement, metallurgical, excavator and other equipment.

The plant was founded in 1997 and is currently one of the largest industrial companies in the PRC. This is a modern enterprise that has all the capabilities to fulfill orders of any complexity inherent in heavy engineering.

The plant has earned recognition and established business ties on almost all continents. The impeccable reputation of Chaoyang Hongrun Industrial Co., ltd is primarily due to the high quality of products, reliability, long service life and high maintainability.

The enterprise manages to constantly maintain a high level of technical and technological developments in accordance with world standards thanks to active cooperation with research institutes and higher educational institutions of the PRC, as well as with specialists from foreign firms.

Our factory is equipped with the largest modern equipment for steel casting and processing

Foundry capabilities:

  • Steel casting: five induction steel-making furnaces with a capacity of 5 tons. Two arc steel-making furnaces with a capacity of 40 tons each, a refining furnace with a capacity of 40 tons. The maximum weight of the casting of the product is 80 tons (including cooperation, the maximum weight of the casting is 150 tons). Manufacturing of steel castings of almost all steel grades (carbon, manganese, alloyed, etc.).
  • Cast iron: induction furnace of industrial frequency 30 tons, the maximum weight of the manufactured product is 32 tons (including cooperation, the maximum weight of the casting is 90 tons).
  • Forging: hydraulic press 2500 tf, hydraulic press 8000 tf. Manufacturing of forgings from structural and tool steel grades (Articles 20-45, 20X, 40X, 34XN1M, 09G2S, 9X1, 5XNM, 4X5MFS, 40XH2MA, etc.), both according to the customer's drawings and according to the description of the technical task. The maximum weight of an ingot including cooperation is 120 tons.
  • . Heat treatment: annealing (heating) furnace (capacity 80 tons, temperature up to 1150 ℃), quenching furnace 6200 × 2300 × 1500mm, industrial frequency quenching machine Φ1100 × 5000mm, gas carburizing furnace Φ1800 × 2000./li>

Machining capabilities:

  • Turning and carousel processing: a number of carousel machines 4.5, 6, 8 m, 10 m, CNC carousel machine 16 m.
  • Lathes: W250CΦ250 × Φ1350 lathe, CX5266 / 2 CNC lathe, T150mm lathe, T220 lathe, T6925 250 digital display lathe.
  • Milling: CNC bed milling machine XK2150 / 1.5000 × 18000 ; CNC bed milling machine XK21-100.3200 × 10000mm ; CNC bed milling machine XK2420-40、2000 × 4000mm.
  • Planers: planer BM15、15 × 3m ; planer HD20A 、 10 × 2m.
  • Grinders: M1380 、 Φ800 × 4500mm Cylindrical Grinder ; 7150A 、 2000 × 500mm Surface Grinder.
  • Drilling: deep hole drilling machine T2140 10m.
  • Tooth processing: Φ4000 / Φ14000mm gear hobbing machine range ; ZSTZ25 gear grinding machine Φ2500mm, Ф5000mm
  • Rowing: maximum product length, 12,000 mm, maximum product height, 4,000 mm, maximum product width, 5,600 mm, maximum product weight, 65 t
  • and other equipment.